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We think your Wedding day is exceedingly special, and it should have the attention it deserves;


~ A Professional Wedding Photographer from Two Photographers ~


Memories of your very special day captured for LIFE


For those thinking about using a “Friend that is really good with photos”, or “Uncle Bob who has just bought a new camera”, the regrets from failure to even come close to your expectations after your wedding day, are simply far too great and far too late, there are no take backs, you cannot repeat the day, you only have one single chance to photograph this very special day of yours, just one, that is why you need to use a Professional Wedding Photographer.

I regularly come across brides that have chosen a friend, or had Uncle Bob with his good camera, it may have been a reasonable camera, but there are less complimentary words about how good Uncle Bob was now, or that really good deal they found on the internet for $700, which turned out to be an absolute nightmare, that is then followed by a heartfelt question, “Can you please see if you can do something with these?” as they hand over a CD to be looked at.

One such bride is burnt into my memory.  After the wedding the bride’s family hounded her for weeks to see the photos.  She eventually got up the nerve to approach a friend of mine up in Far North Queensland, he is a Professional Wedding Photographer, she asked, “Can you do anything with these?”, as she handed over a CD containing what was supposed to be beautiful photos from her wedding day, photos she ought to be very proud of, to be able to show her family and friends with a great smile; she in fact burst into tears.

I have seen the photos, and from the 350 on the CD taken of her wedding day, by yes you guessed it, “A friend who was good with a camera that gave her a really good deal”, there were 25 photos, I’ll repeat that number, “25”, that my friend could “recover”, yes you read that right, the significant word here is “recover”; and he is an absolute guru with Photoshop.  The bride was so ecstatic with the results of the recovery that she would have baby sat his kids for the rest of his life.

You certainly wouldn’t trust someone that could pick up a pair of scissors (my 4 year old can use scissors) and had borrowed a friend’s sewing machine to make your wedding dress; you want and are using a professional wedding dress maker.  Why would you not want the same for your Wedding Photographer?

What about a friend who is able to afford a good set of spanners, would you let them tinker on your beautiful precious new car, of course not, just because they can afford the tools, doesn’t make them a mechanic, why do the same with capturing your precious wedding photos, you need a professional wedding photographer that is experienced in wedding photography.  This is not photographing cats, it is you at your very best, looking absolutely stunning, on the most special day in your life.

Your mum’s friend is a great cook, however she’s not making your wedding cake, you want and are using a professional cake maker for your wedding cake.  Why would you want an Uncle Bob pressing a camera button on this very special day in your life, a day you have been dreaming about since you were young.  Just because Uncle Bob can press a button on a camera doesn’t make him “good” and it certainly doesn’t make him a professional; you need a professional Wedding Photographer to capture all the special moments throughout your day.

My next door neighbour owns a hammer, and he can swing it pretty well, it doesn’t make him a Jeweller, and I know you are using a professional Jeweller to make your beautiful wedding rings, you wouldn’t trust my neighbour with his hammer, but you are trusting a professional Jeweller with his, and you certainly can trust me with my cameras.  I am a Professional Wedding Photographer that specialises in Wedding Photography of stunning brides; brides that appreciate the significance of the requirement that a professional must be hired in order to receive a professional outcome.

I have professional and very expensive camera equipment that will be used to photograph your wedding day.  I will capture beautiful moments throughout your day as they unfold because I can see them; I know where they will occur and I know when they will occur, as I photograph wedding after wedding, after wedding, not just one taken at a friends because I could afford a digital camera; this is my job, this is what I do.

This really is very simple:

Number 1 is your Dress, this is a day all and only about you, you are a princess for a day, the dress is number one, there are no two ways about it, if your fiancé thinks otherwise, get a new fiancé :)

Number 2 is your Wedding Photographer, why I hear you asking.  Well when you think about it:

The meal has been eaten; gone in 10 minutes or less, never to be seen again.

The drinks have been and gone during the evening.

Your guests have gone home.

Your family have gone home.

The Reception venue, where will that be in 5, 10, or 20 years’ time.

Your dress is either hanging up in a backroom closet, or has been sold on eBay.

So what are you left with from this day that has had so much planning put into?

When your day has drawn to a close, you are left with your love for each other, your wedding rings, and if you have chosen well, your beautiful professional wedding photos, and if you have prioritised very well, these same photos will be in a stunning hand crafted professionally made, genuine leather wedding album that will make your friends oh so envious; you'll watch them turn to their husband with a look of, why don't we have the same, as your smile broadens with glee.

Guests really don’t care if your reception is held in a backyard with a marquee and a BBQ, or Palazzo Versace at Main Beach on the Gold Coast, they really don’t care, and I am very serious, they just want to be a part of your day.  They don’t care if you have a small bar tab, a large bar tab or none at all; they just want to be a part of your day.  They don’t care if you arrive on foot, by limousine, horse and carriage, or fly in by helicopter; they just want to be part of your day.

I encourage you to be wise and not have regrets; spend more on your photos that you will have for a lifetime, than on food and drink that is gone in minutes to hours.  You will always have food and drink around you, photos of your wonderful day cannot be recaptured.

Allocating approximately 20 per cent of your wedding budget on photography and a professional wedding album will have memories captured for a lifetime, these memories will be shown with great pride to family and friends; friends that regret not having done the same for their wedding day.

Regrets after the fact are plentiful out there, be wise, use a professional wedding photographer with professional equipment.  

Photographing a wedding with a single camera is a grave warning sign that the person is NOT a professional, if that camera fails, and they certainly do fail, there is no backup to continue with, what will they do then, borrow one from a guest?

Photography is a very expensive business and you must have two of everything, in case something malfunctions on the wedding day.  You also require a fast modern computer with expensive calibrated photo monitor(s) to manipulate images with, and you must back up your photos to multiple hard drives and media; all this takes time and a great deal of money.  You must stay on top of updates for your software, Photoshop is not cheap in any manner or form, and then with each new version you are back on that steep learning curve, more time and money is required.

There are 52 Saturdays in a year to earn a living as a Wedding Photographer, so imagine that your job entailed creating a living from 52 days, it is quite easy to work out what you need to charge for each day.  Now consider that for each day that you shoot at a wedding there are at least another 2 to 3 days that you have to sit in front of a computer editing images from that day.

Now also consider that there is $50,000 to $100,000 worth of equipment needed for your job, and after 3 years most of that equipment is worthless in value, and that every 3 years or so you are going to need the latest cameras and other equipment, remember now 2 of each is required.  So have you figured out why professional wedding photographers charge what they charge, easy isn’t it.

By the way I have been through 3 sets (6 cameras and 9 lenses) of Digital Cameras in 4 years.  This is way too expensive to be a hobby, or have an Uncle Bob buy his new camera and claim to be able to shoot your wedding for a bargain price.  All Professionals require Professional equipment, and a Wedding Photographer is no different; do you really want your day photographed by an amateur for a “bargain price”, I certainly wouldn’t want to take that huge risk.

There is an old saying, “Long after price has been forgotten, the bitter taste of a cheap bargain lingers on”.  Always choose quality; always choose a professional wedding photographer, our wedding photo gallery has over 1200 photos for you to see our style.  We are consistent in what we produce and love our vocation.


All Photos are taken with Professional DIGITAL Cameras

 Approximately 50-70 colour photos per hour per photographer are taken in both Traditional Formal and Photojournalistic styles.  The Photojournalistic style refers to an artful approach to coverage, typically without the subject even aware a photographer is present.

Simply put, it’s when a photographer senses and the subject doesn't.


All of our packages allow you to print your own photos;

The Disks we provide do NOT contain watermarks or copyright notices over the
This allows you to print directly from the Disk.


~ Two Photographers ~

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